We are not just a place for coffee. We are a place for great company. Whether you are meeting with friends, working with colleagues, or just here to enjoy a great cup of coffee, we are the place for you. Herb's House was created with people as it's focal point with craft coffee, tea, and food to nourish. 

5622 Dyer St. SUITE 100
Dallas, TX 75206



We are more than a coffee house with amazing drinks and food, we are also a place of work and prosperity. We have plenty of room for you to come and enjoy our sprawling space for work or pleasure. Want to get more work done? Book one of our three conference rooms for your next meeting or gathering. Email us for larger parties and for custom catering!



Cultivar Coffee — Our coffee is proudly provided by Cultivar Coffee. They roast their beans in-house and provide up-to-date education to their staff and partners. They are passionate professionals of coffee and are in line with Herb's House commitment to quality and attention to detail.